1902 : establishment of the company by Louis Besse, to manufacture bone cutlery.
1930’s from 1936 : Transformation of polymers by compression is adopted and used for making these parts.
Mastering this new technique, Louis Besse began to diversify by manufacturing items for different sectors (brushes, plugs, soap boxes).
1950’s : When thermoplastics were invented, it continued its development with a new injection technology.
1970’s : Integrating processing by blow extrusion.
1990’s : Thermoforming complements existing processing methods.
2000’s : Development of custom packaging.


20th April 2010 Concerned for the future and ecology, the initial production of bottles made of PLA (polylactic acid) has been launched.

BESSE: a complete service

Through its proven skills and ever more eager to meet the needs of its clients, Louis Besse has developed its diversification by offering a full service (turnkey products, marketing loans). Our services: > Definition and study of the product > 3D viewing / Prototype > Making the mould > Manufacturing > Packing